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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Where Are Those Street Food Vendors?

With our mayor announcing the addition of 19 new street food vendors last month, some of us at work decided to start a sampling project. Today was the kickoff.

Listening to our mayor Gregor Robertson talking about our street food scene joining the ranks of Bangkok and New York, you'd think these vendors are all over the place.
But it took us 30 minutes and crossing all the central points of downtown before locating the one and only vendor of the day - Dim Sum Express. 

In control of the show was a multi-tasking woman ordering around those young guys cooking and serving the food. 

Combo's are available for $7.00 including tax. But you can also sample a limited selection of dim sum items that you buy by the piece or a set of three.

Dumplings, sticky rice, and many other typical popular dim sum items were coming out of the kitchen, prepared fresh right there and then.

I had Combo B with pork dumplings (a bit too oily), egg rolls (excellent), chow mein sprinkled with soya and sesame seeds and Chinese broccoli. 

The freshness of the cooked right there and then definitely comes through the food. And, for the price, this is a way better option than any of the fast food Chinese food available to us in downtown food courts.

Now if we can only find all the other vendors we are promised...

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