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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Dinner Among Beautiful Orchids - Part 1

somerville kitchen feasted tonight at the amazing somerville orchids (see 

We feasted on so many delicacies that there is no way I can fit all in one blog entry. As such, tonight you are reading only part 1 of this amazing dining experience.

The feast you are about to virtually experience is 99.9% vegan, a testament to how easy it is to eat fat & animal free meals in the most fancy way.

Let the vegan gourmet adventure begin with the appetizer.

The platter in the top left hand corner is a home made spinach-mushroom-tofu pate. 

Flavoured with onions and spices and served along home-made Asian spiced pecans - platter disappeared fast!
A home-made Borscht followed. Made with green and small white beans, strong yummy dill taste; very nicely done.

This is where 100% vegan designation dropped to 99.9%, with the dollop of dill yoghurt.

Guests were then invited to a buffet of delicacies.

The Tasty Nuts Balls - made with pecans, hazel nuts, almonds, barley flakes, carrots, zucchini, onions; held together with creamed soft tofu and baked.

The Spiced Tofu Triangles - flavoured with cumin, masala mix and hot Kashmir paprika; rolled in chickpea flour and cooked.

The above were served with a dip of horseradish, eggless mayonnaise and grain mustard.

The most amazing part of the dip is that it is made with home-made horseradish - the best smelling and strongest tasting one I have ever encountered. I am so making this when I find fresh horseradish roots next.

And the feasting continued...

The Uncooked Kale Salad - a novel delicious experience - manually mashed kale mixed with red cabbage and turned into a salad. One would never think kale could be so delicate uncooked. 

The Everything Grainy Hot Plate - brown rice and split urad dal cooked with mushrooms, carrots and pureed tofu; drizzled with soy cheese. 

Plates refilled and refilled, all was tasty, unique, freshly made. 

Food so good for you never tasted better - a delicacy example for all of us animal eaters to learn from.

Tune in tomorrow night for Part 2 featuring drinks and desserts.

Thank you somerville orchids!


Anonymous said...

Well..... what an amazing blogger you are! We are delighted to see that vegetarians are out there
somewhere having a feast.
The presentations look delightful and so very
Can hardly wait for part 2. Will send this blog to
our wannabe vegetarian friends.
You've created a blog thats keeps us looking forward to
seeing whats next on the menu.
Thankyou for sharing these amazing photos too.
Keep up the great work!

Orchids said...

Ha ha.. I thought orchids as one in the menu, I heard before that some flowers can be eaten!

somerville kitchen said...

Hmmm, thanks Orchids, I never heard of orchids as edible. Annonymous, you seem to know about Orchids, are some of them edible?

Anonymous said...

Orchids are not edible but look so amazing when decorating a plate of food. In Hawaii they use dendrobiums just scattered around the buffets.
Then I sneak them back to the hotel to enjoy their