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Monday, 26 December 2011

Ukrainian Boxing Day

What's a better way to spend Boxing Day than lounging at home, then spontaneously get invited for a home cooked meal. I avoided the crowds, did not miss out on any deals I think and did not even worry about cooking.

First came the appetizers; home-made deviled eggs, ham, veggies.

This was followed by a spontaneously made festive cucumber and radish salad.

Then the authentic Ukrainian food started appearing. First a Kobasa surrounding the most delicious sauerkraut mixed with fried onions, some apple cider and drizzled with roasted garlic.

This was followed with handmade cheddar-potato perogies. The texture of these perogies is a class on its own compared to the store bought ones (even those claimed to be hand-made you find in specialty stores). A taste to remember fondly for a long time.

A fine delicious home made meal indeed. Calorie and cholesterol counts on hold for now.

Thank you Alice!

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