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Friday, 23 March 2012

Celebrate New Beginnings

Spring brings on new beginnings to celebrate. And a celebration it was with a delicious Indian Chinese feast.

The place was Green Lettuce, an icon since 1999 on 1949 Kingsway (Vancouver, BC).
Green Lettuce (Vancouver) on Urbanspoon

Manchurian Beef is the star. It is not on the menu but a wise blog follower once told me about it and if you ask you'd get.

The taste is unique and definitely spicy. But the flavours are not clearly Indian or Chinese.
The Vegetarian Hakka Chow Mein came in a huge pile.

Fresh, a bit spicy, not packed with soy sauce. The noodles were the right crunchiness and the vegetables plenty. The huge pile did not last long.

The Boneless Chicken curry had thin potatoes, red peppers, onions and small chunks of cauliflower all cooked in a closer-to-Chinese than Indian curry flavours. I loved it.

No matter how great the taste is, the service experience even outdoes the taste. From in to out, you are greeted immediately, served politely with a smile and respect. Despite their popularity, they handle the volume well.

And they had the cleanest chilli container in any Asian restaurant I have been to. I am so going back.

This was definitely a nice, tasty and fun celebration. I am not sure the promised great excitement of tomorrow can beat this meal.


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