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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Conversations with Cats (again) - Real Food

Cats, what are you smiling about?

You back make me famous again, cats likes lightspot.

We like the traffic you generate for the blog.
Meow, interview on driving humans crazy catcits. 

No, our sponsors rather we talk about food. Last month's Dry Food article was a hit.

Cats likes food from human white box.

Tell me about it. What food is that.

Cats feast on fancy foods. Human stingy on fancy foods.

How and when do you eat your Fancy Feast

When cats meows, cats eats fancy food. But you old and not recall, told you old one human stingy on fancy foods. So cats meows one time more.

What do you like most about this food?

Nose holes open wide, makes tummy happy.  

So how come you have not touched this plate?

This no fancy food. This human trick to eat crunchies. Told you eating crunchies 4440 days boring and cats knows, this same boring crunchies. 

But I heard human found you new food to reduce boredom. Which one is that?

Human loves shopping food, me stuck try foods like this new purrreeew.

You mean prowl? Tell us about it.

human can talk many on it. some range free stupid birds get cooked in human food facility and no fun salt or funner sugar added to food. 

Sounds like an excellent source of protein with no additives.

And no gredientin from big country starts with C - see? It writes on box - No gerdientin from C----.

But how does it taste?
See box - taste tested by humans.

It looks so fresh and delicious when it is hydrated with water.

cats and best human friends call space food.

The big question cats is do you like it?

No smell, so human patient so cats takes cats time and taste. 

But do you eat it?   

It real cats favourite bird you crazy - Cats love. But tell you no smell, human tricks with rain drop fancy food on top. Then cats eats all.

And where do you buy it from?

Nice man with white coat happy home.

Any last words for us cats?

Yes, human says to says that best foods at Vancouver Animal Wellness Hospital. kay, cats can now back to catmint god pray.


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~T.E.~ said...

I LOVE these cats the way he talks!! Keep them coming....hahahaha