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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Clay Pot Curry

Inspired by an informal chat with my dear lovely neighbour about making curry in clay pots, I set up to experiment.

With no specific recipe or guidance, I started with soaking the clay pot.

I then prepared the onions, chicken, potatoes and masala in a pot as I usually do.

I threw this in the clay pot, added tomato sauce, tomato paste, a bit of yogurt and in a cold oven it went.

One hour later, baking in 425 oven, it looked like a beautiful view of the surface of Mars.

It was thick, spicy, and much flavourful then stove-top cooking. 

To continue the twist on the originals, the clay pot curry was served with baked samosas along with my dear lovely neighbour's plum chutney.

 And I continue to be deeply in love with my clay pot.

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